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How do I use collections?

We recognize that there are ways you may want to group artworks that do not relate to their title or year. Collections help you marry as many artworks as you want to one another so you can refer to them as a group easily and share them outwardly. This could be for an upcoming exhibition, a specific series a shipment you're arranging, or any other idea that you have in mind.

How do I create a collection?

To create a collection, simply press the “New Collection” box on the Artworks Page.

From here, you can select images from your existing inventory and press “Next”, title the collection and put a description.

How do I add or remove artworks or otherwise edit an existing collection?

If you would like to edit an existing collection, select it from the Collections page, press edit on t he bottom right, and press + to add artworks or X on existing artworks to update the Collection. Please note that you must always have one artwork in the Collection.

How do I delete a Collection?

Navigate to the collection page, select “Edit” on the bottom right, and Press the “Delete” Collection button at the bottom.

What does bulk editing a collection do?

This is a quick way to update the metadata for a full collection, for instance if you have a show and all the artworks are located at a specific gallery - you can update these metadata fields and it will set all artworks in that collection to that location.

How do I sort a Collection?

To view a collection in different views (view in a list or grid, by price or year) navigate to the Collection page and press the filter button on the upper right. You may both sort and filter at the same time. Select which method of sorting you’d like (for instance: recency, name, medium) and the filters that you would like to apply to that particular group.

How can I search my inventory?

Your portfolio is dynamically searchable via any metadata attribute applied to an artwork from the artworks page, or you can search for a specific Collection name by searching on the Artworks homepage.

Is there a mechanism for provenance?

Yes. If you'd like to look back at the adjustments you've made to a particular or work record overtime, navigate to that artwork, select “Show More Details” and scroll down to the History Section which will show all changes made to the artwork overtime.

Can I export my data?

You may request an export of your data via