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Can I share from Marcel directly to Instagram?

Yes! Select the image you want to post to Instagram from your artworks pane.  press the paper airplane icon at the top right and select the option to promote via Instagram. from here scroll right until you see the Instagram icon and select it. you will then be taken to a page that shows you a thumbnail of the image and allows you to write a caption for your Instagram post. fresh air and this will upload the image and caption to your Instagram account.

What about Instagram stories?

Marcel does  not currently offer support for Instagram stories if you'd like to see this feature implemented please email this request

Can I share from Marcel directly via other apps (iMessage, What’sApp, my native email client?)?

yes. If you'd like to do so select the image or images you'd like to share by pressing the airplane button on your artwork Spain. once you selected images press next and select the button to share via other apps my scroll left and right to select the appropriate app and the images can instantly be shared.

NOTE:  we're cell does not presently offer tracking of communications if you are not utilizing the Marcel Gmail integration.