We've landed. Meet Marcel.

After months of testing, tweaking, drafting, sculpting, and finding what we think is the perfect fit, I’m excited to announce what the Marcel team has been creating just for you.

My co-founder Ori Gersht and I created Marcel to solve the problems that we’d experienced as a gallerist (me) and an artist (Ori): keeping track of artwork we cared about, and easily sharing it on the fly. Our main focus has been designing streamlined workflows for artists to not only stay organized, but get their work out to their audiences.

Over the last few months, we’ve refined the app based on feedback from users like you - and today, we’re formally launching Marcel with our newest feature, The Feed: a hub for you to see other users like you, interact, and get feedback on your own work. You also told us that you wanted more access to opportunities - and we listened. Look out for grants and residencies, tutorials on how to optimize your social media presence, and seminars hosted by real art world gallerists, curators and collectors.

Today, we’re also rolling out a new feature we’ve developed based on your feedback, the feed. The feed is a hub for you to see other users like you, interact, and get feedback on your own work.

A few of the other main Marcel features include:

Upload and organize your art: Upload all your artwork and metadata in seconds. Filter, edit and arrange your portfolio to fit your needs. Update details like title, edition, size availability, and location.

Share and promote it:  Connect your gmail account and share multiple artworks and their details with a two tap process. Your inventory and your email communications are linked via Gmail.

Track it: Track the provenance and performance of your artwork easily and on the go. We’ll track who you’ve sent artworks to, and when, and what they said in response. We’ll also keep track of views and shares from your Public Gallery.

I invite you to check Marcel out, play around and see exactly how easy it is now to focus on what’s really important, your art. We’ve got the rest taken care of 🤟.

Mae and the Marcel Team.