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Co-founders Mae Petra-Wong and Ori Gersht created Marcel to solve the problems that they’d experienced first hand as a gallerist (Mae) and an artist (Ori): keeping track of artwork they cared about and easily sharing it on the fly.

Who has time for admin work these days? Recognizing that time is of the essence, they strive daily to empower artists through intuitive, streamlined and accessible designs that unburden artists of their rote administrative tasks.

Mae Petra-Wong

Co-Founder & CEO

Mae is the former director of an NYC-based contemporary gallery and also worked in the start up space (ClassPass, LightWorks).

Ori Gersht

Co-Founder & CEO

Ori is an artist with 30 years of professional art world experience, whose work is in institutional collections worldwide.

Gal Bracha


Gal is a seasoned veteran of the startup world and has 13+ years working as a full stack coder & founder. Gal is an active Burning Man visual arts craftsman.

We give a darn

At Marcel, our fourteen-person international team spans from Brazil all the way to the Czech Republic. We built and continue to grow the app based on feedback from real artist users - reflecting not only our original vision of making organization and sharing easier, but building a digital community based on the needs of real life people.

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