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Uploading from your iPhone?

The quickest method is directly from your mobile device. You can use this for taking pictures right in your studio, documenting works in progress, or if you’ve got images already saved on your phone.

  1. Navigate to the artworks page from your navigation bar.
  2. Press the big orange plus button and select an image from your locally-stored photos. You may also take an image on the fly by pressing the photo button on the lower right (NOTE: If you have multiple images for a single artwork, you can upload those later on after the artwork record is created).
  3. Once you've selected your image press next. You will be prompted to crop the image we're rotate it in a manner of your choosing then press done.
  4. Finally, we will ask you  for some artwork details. The only required detail is the title, but you may add further detail Fields by selecting”Add More Fields”.  If there is even more information that you want to add you may return to the artwork record and add notes later on.
  5. Press save and watches your artwork record is generated.