web gallery

How do I update my web gallery?

To update web Gallery, navigate to the web gallery icon on your nap bar. Select to edit on the upper right. Press X to remove any artworks that you no longer want. Press the gray square with the plus button to add additional imagery from your inventory. To reorder or reprioritize the manner in which our works are displayed, click and drag objects into different positions. Press save and your link will dynamically update.

How do I create my web gallery?

To create your web Gallery, navigate to the web gallery icon under navbar. Press the plus button and you will be shown your inventory. Select as many images as you would like to include impress the next button. From here you can select what pieces of metadata you feel comfortable sharing with your audience.  remember that only people who are given this link can see the information that you want to share. At this time you must include or exclude the same pieces of metadata for all artworks included in your web gallery. once you've done this you can update your profile image your name and your bio.

What is the web gallery?

Think of the web gallery as an ad hoc exhibition space. in your studio you might have hundreds of artworks. But what if you could select something that you wanted to share with an audience and mount them in mere moments? with your web gallery, you can click artworks you want to show and add them your gallery. In instant Marcel generates live web link that you can share with anyone. you can use this in your email signature, your Instagram bio, or promote your recent work on Facebook.

With the web Gallery, we recognize that you may not want to include things like price or location or sell status. That's okay! We allow you to choose which pieces of artwork details, if any you'd like the public to see. to be clear, the only audience that will see your web gallery are those who you provided the link to.  when you generate a web gallery, it is not made available to the rest of the Marcel community.