Your art career,

Marcel is the first truly mobile inventory and sharing platform for the next generation of artists. Organize your inventory, communicate about it and promote it right from your iPhone.


How it works


Upload & organize your art

Upload all your artwork and metadata in seconds. Filter, edit and arrange your portfolio to fit your needs. Marcel helps you quickly upload any piece of art you care about - and as many details that you want to record about it. Whether that be title, edition, size, availability, or location, you can add and update these details as your artwork grows up — so your portfolio is always up-to-date.


Share & promote it

Connect your Gmail account and share multiple artworks and their details with a two tap process. What’s more annoying than copying and pasting artwork details across multiple platforms just so you can plug that info into an email to look professional? With Marcel, your inventory and your email communications are linked via Gmail. Share single works or collections and choose which details you want to share with just a couple clicks.


Track it

Track the provenance and performance of your artwork easily and on the go. We’ll track who you’ve sent artworks to, and when, and what they said in response. Oh, and we’ll also keep track of views and shares within the app. Did we say you don’t have to open your computer ever again already?


Grow it

Scroll through Marcel’s Discover page to learn about upcoming grants and residencies in your area, tutorials on how to optimize your social media presence, and seminars hosted by real art world gallerists, curators and collectors.


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