4 NYC Summer Exhibitions to Swoon Over

Summer is nearly halfway over (sorry to break the news to you) but the latest happenings in the New York art scene are just getting started. After digging through the list of “Must-See Galleries in New York” in just about every magazine, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorites that aren’t necessarily on everyone’s #trending list so you’ll actually have some space to, you know, enjoy the art. These are some galleries around New York City to check out if you’re itching for something new to see.

 Photo by Martha Cooper

Beyond the Streets-Williamsburg If street art is what you’re after, then this Williamsburg exhibit will have you...dancing in the street. The exhibit features works from Tats Kru, Lady Pink, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, plus an homage to the Beastie Boys.

She Persists- Manhattan Women persisting-we’re here for it. “This year the Conservancy has engaged art historian, Jessica Bell Brown, to create a third installation to enrich the historic interiors, in this instance in curatorial ways tethered to the centennial of American women’s suffrage as it unfolded in New York and the nation.” Check out works from more than 44 different artists.

 Carmen Herrara’s work featured at Gracie Mansion. Photo by Rachael Buchwald of Public Art Fund

NADA- Governors Island Looking to have an exciting day outside the confines of Manhattan in the summer? The NADA exhibit is taking place on Governors Island with 45 different artists, all inside a colonial house. The exhibit is only open during the weekend until August 4, so you better check it out before it closes. (PS Gallerist Lauren Marinaro has an artist whose work will be shown.)

Vessel Orchestra -Manhattan “Composed of thirty-two sculptures, utilitarian containers, and decorative objects from the Museum's collection, Vessel Orchestra is the first sound-based installation commissioned by The Met. British artist Oliver Beer (born 1985) uses microphones and speakers to amplify and shape the ambient tones resonating within each vessel, transforming them into an arresting and unexpectedly versatile musical instrument.” The objects are coming from Ancient Persia all the way to modern America. See how this installation brings music to life through one of the performances running until August 9.

 Vessel Orchestra performance. Photo by Paulo Lobo of The Met Museum

What art exhibitions are you most looking forward to seeing this summer?

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