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We’re excited to kick off our Marcel Talks on Tuesday, April 16 at 1pm EST with UK-based artist, Andy Harper. Harper is based in West Cornwall, attended the Royal College of Arts and has taught at various institutions for 25 years, currently he is a Senior Lecturer on the MFA  Fine Art program at Goldsmiths College, London. As an artist, educator, and participant in shared artistic spaces, Harper is uniquely qualified to address the myth of the lone artist.

In the public realm, the successful artist is portrayed alone - in his or her studio, compelled by his or her own thoughts in a world that doesn’t fully understand his or her vision. This lonely artist archetype is dangerously misleading. Harper argues that in an ever-evolving art ecosystem, the need for artists to interact with one another is more urgent than ever. He will discuss the manners in which peer interaction - on levels of artistic production, communal bargaining power, and personal enrichment - can enhance an artist’s ability to grow. He will pose questions about what constitutes a valuable or authentic artist-to-artist interaction, and probe what, if anything, artists can gain from creative interactions across (digital) social platforms.

Marcel Talks are a twice-monthly live event. In each session, an art world expert (artist, curator, gallerist or collector) ruminates on a topic relevant to the emerging artists of tomorrow. Talks are conducted via live video chat, with a lecture followed by open discussion amongst participants. All artists on Marcel are eligible to participate. All Talks are made available in the Marcel Archive. 

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