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Ever spent over an hour going into a Google search hole and end up somewhere you never meant to? There is no shortage of information on the internet, and sometimes it feels unproductive to read something without learning anything. There is room to learn that goes far beyond how to KonMari your clothes, bake bread, or snake your bathroom drain. Learning and improving a specific art-related skill set is extremely doable, and many digital outlets are offering reasonably priced (or free!) tutorials for artists on a budget.

There are now endless online resources that go beyond the basic tutorial that will help you step up your art techniques and even get you more business savvy!

Youtube is an incredible resource for more than just sped up demonstrations. We love seeing the featured artists’ processes on Art21 and Dan Beardshaw for making you think differently about the way you draw.

Lynda offers thousands of different video tutorials that range in skill level and duration. You can watch any video that’s anywhere from two minutes to a few hours learning how to perfect your palette, the rules of shading, and navigating the business of art. We recommend checking out courses from Kristin Ellison, Ben Long, and John Derry when you sign up for a free one month trial.

Skillshare is another platform that allows you to try their modules for free for the first month. Class offerings include painting portraits, illustrating odd bodies,  and how to create art that sells, taught by artists who have been in your shoes and want to help other artists succeed.

At Marcel, we want to be a resource for you to share your work and also find out about how to improve and grow. As artists ourselves, we recognize that it’s hard juggling all your daily responsibilities and then spending hours upon hours looking at all the different forums that post about opportunities. We’ve made it easy for you to do everything in one place: store and edit your work, plug it into emails, surface it to other users, get feedback, find residencies and grants, and  and bring your career up a level.

With so many ways to learn new techniques from the convenience of your computer, it’s easy to take your art to the next level. Once you’ve mastered those techniques, be sure to share the work you created so followers on the Marcel feed can check out your finished piece!

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